Thursday, April 9, 2009

Maurice, Where Is It?

Unfortunately, because I live in Nowheresville, PA, I never got the opportunity to see Friends & Lovers: The Ski Trip 2. Those of you living in the big metro areas probably peep this at your local LGBT Film Festivals last year. Not such luck for moi. Hell, I'm grateful H-burg's got a Pride celebration, but even that is held in July instead of June. Go fig!

I've searched everywhere to see if Ski Trip has been released on DVD yet, but no dice. I'm sure there's a bootleg somewhere on the 'Net, but to the best of my ability, I haven't found it. Maurice and John make a cute couple, even if its just for pretend.

Wasn't this supposed to become a TV series? Doubt it'd go broadcast television due to content, but I'd rather that than Here! or Logo, neither network I subscribe to. Anyone with the good news on what's up with Maurice's project?

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Corey said...

Ian. I've seen the Ski Trip DVD on sale at - have you looked there? If all else fails, send MJ a message on Facebook.


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