Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ro, Ro, Ro 360

Last night I didn't watch much television. Just a little bit of Jeopardy, then I went to finish reading "Basketball Jones" (E! I'm not feeling this book this go 'round. Maybe cause I'm in a funk.)

N-t-way, I just finished reading Rod's post on Roland Martin's appearance last night on Anderson Cooper 360, and his defending that silly woman (Miss California) for expressing her opinion that marriage is between a man and a woman. Don't feel like rehashing it, read it here if you haven't already heard.

Roland, Roland, Roland...Brother. Is it true that you now on "their" side creating a divide in the us against them mentality? Another black man who doesn't the gay rights issue as being a civil rights issue? How dare gays compare the struggle to the Civil Rights Movement! Oh my, makes me so tired. Like so many, I've come to the table after gaining a one up from second class social status, only to be told once more to go eat in the kitchen, outta sight. When will we equal rights? Or because its not a violation in color, it doesn't matter? What about men and women of color who happen to be gay? What about then?

I've much respect for Roland, believe he's an intelligent brother, but I wish he'd extend the same courtesy to his gay brethren and sisters as well. Pity I'm reading about this now. My started on the good foot when I heard Roland give a stirring and convincing commentary on the Tom Joyner Morning Show today on why Jesse Jackson Sr. should be allowed to go to Iran and attempt to negotiate the release of Roxana Saberi.

I'm usually impressed by his sagely words and wisdom, but in this instance, I'm severely disappointed in Roland. Rod said it far more eloquently, so I don't wanna parrot him. I only know this instance further broadens the hole I've been feeling in my heart regarding recent negative situations with gays in the US. While this makes me angry, a great part of me feels sad, defeated. Nevertheless, we can't give up on the good fight. Our foreparents didn't and neither should we. I need to remind myself of this more often...


Wonder Man said...

I feel you. Roland has a point, I just wish he spoke about our side as well

J. Clarence said...

I've never really been a fan of Roland. His ability to rationalize what he agrees with, without the slightest indication that the other side might have a point is a skill on par with Superman's laser vision.

He's a good pundit made for TV, and sometimes he hits a home run.

On the issue of gays, it's not a new argument, Roland just seems to be the latest Black pundit to say it on TV. Fortunately other organizations like the NAACP and the Congressional Black Caucus are coming around. Hopefully Roland will follow suit at his own pace.


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