Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bruthas In Da News

Regardless of your political affiliations, which cable or broadcast news channel you're most drawn towards, hands down, you gotta admit CNN has the most diversified, most handsome, lot of Men of Color anchors, correspondents, commentators, and political pundits out there.

Oh sure! Other networks try, but fail in comparison. "Fixed Noise" (Fox) has Geraldo (eww!), MSNBC has Harold Ford Jr. (handsome, but he's a "passer" and too self-pontificating at times), CBS had Russell Mitchell (handsome as hell, but he's since retired), and you really wanna go to there...let's not forget NBC's Al Roker (if he's your sorta thang).

I'll admit it! Part o' the reason I stay in touch is cause I'm hooked on the brothers on CNN. Don't know about you, but I make extra effort on the weekends to tune in to catch T.J. Holmes broadcast the news. Those dreamy bedroom eyes, that husky smooth as silk voice...damn. Read recently on Black Snob blog T.J.'s gotten engaged, but he's being all hush hush about it. Whoever she is, she's one lucky woman!

I think every gay man and straight black woman agrees T.J. ranks as the #1 hottest, sexiest thang in a suit, news anchor currently in the business. Sexy just doesn't give Brother Holmes justice. Sultry, perhaps. Confidant, masculine, smooth, with a touch o' Southern charm. (Teej is from Memphis, right?) Deliver that news, baby!

So, yes. T.J.'s numero uno over on CNN. But I ask you, who's number two? Personally, I'm torn. Joe Johns is very distinguished; more mature than his counterparts, so let's not discount age. But I gotta confess a hankering for Don Lemon (Spidey Sense tingles when he's on air) or Jason Carroll (he reminds me of an ex-boyfriend, down to the features and complexion). Even Dr. Sanjay Gupta is tasty on occasion. So... ¡Díga me! Who's your pick for number two man on CNN? Who's runner up to Thomas James Holmes?

Ian's Inquiry: Besides CNN, does your local new market have a phine ass man o' the Afro-Spanish-Moorish Diaspora working there? Who would you say is your sexiest broadcaster?

Don Lemon

Jamal Simmons

Roland Martin

Jason Frederick Carroll

Dan Lothian

Dr. Sanjay Gupta

Tony Harris

Joe Johns

Christopher Lawrence

Larry Smith (works mostly on Headline News these days)


ToddyEnglish said...

Once, I almost went into heat when I saw Jamal Simmons!

I think CNN knows they have black gay audience and they are capitalizing!

Thomas said...

Oh, yeah, baby, TJ is delectable! Talk about charisma, his sex appeal is off the charts! He could con you out of anything with that smile and charm. I never hear what he is saying cause I'm too busy drooling, lol. And CNN does do have a fine stable of Black stallions!


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