Monday, April 13, 2009

He's Outta Here...My Thoughts.

It's a somber day here in Philly. Wow. I feel like somebody sucker punched me. Death is never expected, anticipated maybe, but never expected. It's hard watching television because word of Harry Kalas' death is all over the news. There's retrospectives on Harry Kalas and his tenure with the Phillies. John Kruk almost broke down on ESPN. So sad.

Seems like slowly but surely the old time members of the Phillies family are moving on to Glory. Richie Ashburn, Tug McGraw, John Vukovich, now Harry... I konw it's a part of growing older, but the sadness is tough. Feels like I lost a member of my own family. Ask any Phillies fan. Harry was a Philadelphia institution, like the cheese steak, the Liberty Bell, or Independence Hall. Now, he's gone. Gone to join his brother-in-arms in broadcasting, Richie Asburn.

Currently, the Phillies are leading the Washington Nationals in the 9th Inning 9 to 8. I hope in Harry's memory the Phils beat Washington today. Nothing against the Nationals, but Harry deserves as much...

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