Monday, April 13, 2009

Jones... Mistuh Dhani Jones.

All I have to say to Dhani is....thank you. Oh this most beautiful man, has chosen to grace us with his athletic talent and his body designed by the hand of God. Dang! Talk about sexual chocolate.

Setting aside my light-skinned obsession for a moment, Dhani might have to earn his way on to my Top 5' sho! Thank the Creator my parents have satellite television service. If I were recuperating at my own home, I'd be missing Dhani Tackles the Globe, which airs on the Travel Channel. My cable provider, the Evil Empire Comcast, doesn't have the Travel Channel in the regular tier. You have to pay waaay extra for it. Sorry bubbe, yours truly is on a budget.

Mmph! Now Dhani got a body a brutha can work wit. Beefy, hairy, and tight. Check out his thighs! I mean really brothers! It's hard to remind myself I actually am quasi-seeing someone with men like Dhani existing on the planet. Laugh children. I look, but nevah touch. So don't be feelin' sorry for Arturo. He does the same. Should hear him with his little fantasies...

My only complaint about bruh-man is I wanna run a rake through his natural; comb that mess o' hair. Course I do like Afrocentric hair, but as I've been reminded by my niece, braids are so played out right now. Anna's words, not mine. Good thing I took my braids out a few months back, huh? Then again, yours truly is stuck in a certain style. Fashion has no meaning for me no mo'. I like what I like. Damn trendiness. LOL.

Anyway, I hope I remember Dhani Tackles The Globe is on this evening. Broadcast times is 9 o'clock EST on the Travel Channel. Personally, I hope tonight's show features more of his hairy masculine chest! Whew. I'm all sweaty just thinking about it...


Anonymous said...

You do not know how in love I am with that guy. To me, his show is just okay, I simply watch to look at him for an hour.

ToddyEnglish said...

Hell, I need to start watching WHATEVER sport he plays for! My goodness gracious!


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