Thursday, April 16, 2009

So What's Accpetable?

Was rummaging through files on the hard drive, came across this clip of one of Oscar de la Hoya's weigh-ins. Now supposedly, you can see his junk in this clip, but you know I never noticed it before. Oscar always struck me as a weird cookie. There was that kinky business a year or so back with those photos of Oscar him dressed up in fish nets and a wig. Ole boy said it wasn't him, but yeah Oscar, we all know you got a li'l freak in you. it's alright. Admit it. You wouldn't be the first, sho nuff won't be the last.

We all have our little fetishes, don't we? Some behaviors we can admit to, others we keep outta sight, hidden from our closest associates. Then again, some folk just let it all hang out....Ah, but hell no. There are some things done in the dark, that need to stay in the dark, right? Believe me, I'm not confessing to A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G, but well, you know...

So what's so unusual about fetishes? According to Freud, Kinsey, Masters & Johnson, et al. fetishes are a normal functioning of sexual expression and behavior. Within reason, fetishes are normal. If you like to dress up in women's clothes, or have a certain predisposition for collecting mens' underwear (hopeful clean ones, let's not be too nasty), or a preoccupation with big ole booty and body parts, well there's nothin' wrong with that. Really? So, Oscar dressing up is no big deal?

Don' know all about that. Some stuff is beyond me! Had a boyfriend eons back who was into feet. Ewww! No! I can barely stand to touch my own feet, let alone someone else's peds. Home boy would wanna incorporate foot play during sex. Uh-un. That's some kinky shit I don't get into. No shape or form. Keep your skanky feet to yo'sef please.

Suppose there are worse sexual gratification behaviors. No one's EVAH asked me to put my fist in places a it don't belong or had a desire for either of us to become one's personal toilet. That's just nasty! N-A-S-T-Y. Nasty. Call me immature, but at almost 40, I long ago abandoned the notion urinating or defecating on myself as an 38 years ago!!!!

Ian's Inquiry: What sexual behavior are you absolutely intolerant of? What would be your deal-breaker?

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Kevin said...

Piss and scat would definitely be deal-breakers for me.


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