Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Lord Help Me. Bettah Still, Help This Fool..

I promised myself I wasn't gonna comment anymore on Chris Brown. I saw several bloggers throw their two cents on the subject. Well, I swore I wasn't devoting one sentence on the the matter. Well, that lasted one day. Don't worry I don't have the energy to wax philosophic on Chris. I'm angry with him.

Believe me, I take no pleasure in this young brother going possibly going to jail. Yes, he made a mistake and should be offered some penance, but is he remorseful over his actions? Truly contrite? Or his he, literally, trying to save his ass? (If he don't know how to hit a MAN instead of a WOMAN, Chris better learn fast).

I wish this whole affair would disappear. It's a sad statement on young black men, men period. If I had the voice, the concise words, I could articulate why I think his little mongrel thug ass needs to set behind bars for a few years.

Yet, I lie. I seethe outwardly, weep inwardly for him, and ask God for me to have a better attitude toward the young man. Ask God that Chris can really be remorseful and have learned his lesson. Well see in a few weeks how this turns out....


Wonder Man said...

I'm done with him

ToddyEnglish said...

I am so done with him!

But damn...am I wrong for still thankin he cute?

Ian a.k.a. Darktomahawk said...

I've suffered enough abuse at the hands of waaaay to many cute men to even THINK about Chris like that. Plus Chris is, after all, young enough to be my son.

I wish that nigga was my son. My family would raised him up better 'an that! Taught him to respect females...That's the damn truth.


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