Thursday, April 2, 2009

Our Michelle, Our American Queen

Now, you know, I'm trippin today, right? I waited so long to see The Obamas meet up with the Old Guard o'er there in Britannia for the G-20 Summit.

Months waiting for the event, not disappointed, our good brother, President 44 and his wife, have officially met the Queen of England. I'm so satisfied cause Prez passed another test. Impressive. But lawdhavmercy! You know somebody had to steal his thunder from the occasion.

With all due respect, some white people across The Pond oughta quit. Saw all over the news this morning how some folk are up in arms because Mrs. O put her arm on the Queen's back. Oh Jeezus. WTF! Wasn't it the Queen who reached out put her £800 Gazillion British Pound sleeve on Michelle's back first? Besides, HRH actually looked happy to meet the Obamas. (Lord knows I was worried about our boy too. I love Barack and all, but even I doubted the "O" on his chest with falling in line with Royal Protocol. Especially after the Nancy Reagan faux Pas when he was President-Elect.)

Chile, now I am nothin' but impressed wit' Mr. and Mrs. Barack H. Obama. Just watching the news reports on CNN sends a chill down my spine. Watching our brother descend the steps of Air Force One or Marine One... President is definitely large and in charge! Head Negro In Charge. Three and a half months later, I'm still grasping we have a Black President.

And Miss Michelle? She's has officially become my heroine of the decade. She's just so real, so down to earth, yet conveying the "sistah is not to be trifled with" attitude. I love it. I mean, Sistah Michelle...the First Lady, is going sleeveless in many of her get-ups. And folks are just frownin' about it. Well, the Old Guard are. The common folk, peeps like you and me, are finally glad we have someone Regal enough to pull up J. Crew and make it look like a $1,000,000 bucks! I nominate her for Queen of the United States. Then again, RuPaul might be awfully pissed at me...


Curious said...

Just like that marine who got in trouble for winking or smiling at Mrs O on the day of the Inaugaration, there are things that are just not done, one of them is touching HM or any member of the royal family. But you are right about the 1st Lady and J Crew. She makes that stuff look like a million bucks.

ToddyEnglish said...

I tend to disagree with the above statement.

If you know you are not supposed to be touched then keep your hands to yourself. Her majesty initiated the entire affair. Generally, the Queen never touches anyone. Apparently, that was the first time she has EVER moved to touch anyone in that manner.
So, apparently Mrs. O thought it was appropriate to return the gesture.
That is a whole lot different than winking at another man's wife. You don't even wink at a common man's wife...let alone The President's. That is just blatantly disrespectful.

On that note the only people jealous of Lady O showing her taut and lovely arms are the women who've passed the age of 40 and are now sporting "bat wings" (those lovely bags of wiggly flesh just beneath the bicep).

ToddyEnglish said...
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Curious said...

First let me say if that welfare woman in the 80's could run up and give the Queen a bear hug in DC when she visited her home, then a hand placed on the back by the First Lady is not that big a deal. I'm sure the Queen thought about it or didn't think about it, but moved on just as everyone else will. I just question the logic of doing something and assuming that it's alright because someone else did it first.


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