Sunday, April 5, 2009

Play Ball!

Despite all the controversy, my beloved game, baseball, is back tonight. Forget stupid A-Rod and his foolishness. He's still on the DL (in this case boys, "dl" means disabled list!) so we don't have to think about him for several weeks.

Hallelujah! Unlike most other professional sports, baseball is one I can watch without getting distracted, if you catch my drift, purely for the sport, not the menz. Oh sure. there's a piece o' candy here 'n dere, but you know, here isn't there?

The World Series Champion Phillies face the Atlanta Braves down at Citizens Bank Park. Saw the game will be aired on ESPN so I don't have to worry about missing the first game. Certainly hope the Phillies fair better now that Spring Training is over. The boys really didn't fair well in March.

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