Friday, April 10, 2009

ASU Snubs The President

How in the hell do you not confer an honorary degree to the President of the United States? Please, someone tell me. I'm in disbelief Arizona State University will not confer an honorary degree to this year's commencement speaker, President Obama, because he supposedly "has not yet reached the pinnacle of his experience." Um, excuse me. Hello? First Black President? US Senator? Illinois State Senator? Author? Lawyer? Community Organizer? Aren't these enough?

Why don't they just say what they really mean? "We don't wanna give that nigger a degree because he beat John McCain." I find it much better dealing with people when they're honest about their racism. Don't dance around it, be up front with it. Take off your robes and show your crooked ass smile! Wasn't Arizona the last state to formally accept Martin Luther King, Jr. Day as a national holiday?!?! How blatantly transparent and racist can Arizona State University be?

I wounder what the President himself feels about the issue? Probably is a good thing I'm not president, cause I'd back out of commencement proceedings. I'm sure Big Brother Barack won't, but I would. It's not the students' fault. It's all administrative politics. I'm Sure. And, as I pointed out, I'm positive some Arizonans are still smarting John McCain's loss for the Presidency. If the situation had been different though, you know damn Skippy ASU would offering all kinds of accolades and what not to the "distinguished gentleman from Arizona"...his his curmudgeonly self. No doubt McCain would get a degree.

We'll hear more about this gaffe in the coming days. Read the original Huffington Post article here.

Ian's Point: I'm just righteously indignant this morning. Perhaps I have no point other than I'm embarrassed for the 2009 Arizona State University Graduating Class!


C. Baptiste-Williams said...

Too funny... i prefer his Harvard degree over any honorary degree anyway

Corey said...

It's okay! I'm sure President Obama knows that these types of snubs (and worse) are waiting for him (and his family). And they will continue to handle it all with class.


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