Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Let's Get Lifted!

I forget how old my granddaddy, my father's father's father, was when he came to the United States, but I certainly wish the Old Man had lived to see the day relations between his Homeland and The US started to ease.

Making good on his campaign promise, "Forty-Four" has begun the process to lift travel restrictions for Cuban Americans to return to see relatives back in Cuba. Thank you President Obama.

Unfortunately, I'm not Cuban-American enough to qualify to travel to Cuba...too much other ethnicity swimming in my gene pool. Plus, I wouldn't know if any of my granddaddy's people are still alive in Cuba or not, but I live in hopes some day I might be able to visit Granddad's home country of Cuba...see the street where he played, where his parents worked, glance upon "the land of beauty" as he always told me it was.

. The current measure is a foot in the door for the eventuality all Americans might have better relations with our Spanish speaking-neighbors to the South. I, for one, will smile a smile for Issy Sr, my granddaddy...


Thomas said...

Yes, this was great wasn't it? I could never understand how we could punish Cuba but do business with China!

Ian a.k.a. Darktomahawk said...

Because China and her people are unified in their complexion. Cubans come in all shades and have some dark-skinned folk (like mi abuelo) so it's all racial politics as usually. Tell me I'm wrong. The US has strange policies when it comes to "colored" nations.


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