Saturday, May 10, 2008

More Than Daytime Drama

Ah, the former and soon-to-be-again Queen of Daytime TV, Victoria Rowell!

I LOVE her. Quite honestly, next to the men, she was the only reason to tune into the Young & The Restless each week. Well, plus had a damn good storyline and usually keep the flow moving, unlike other soaps I could mention.

I haven't watched Y&R in months, but hear Drucilla (Victoria's character) maybe back soon. Don't you know nobody ever stays dead in Soaps or Marvel Comic Books? LOL.

I also loved Victoria in the second season of Noah's Arc. She was hysterical! Damn, I miss that show. While I'm eagerly awaiting Sex and the City's theatrical debut later this month, I can't wait until the Noah's Arc hits the big screen. I was so pissed at the Logo Network when they canceled the show. In fact, I changed my cable subscription to drop the Logo Channel. Too bad we don't get here! TV with Comcast. Hell, I should be grateful for the privilege to have Logo, despite none of the programming appeals to people of color, at least in my view, it doesn't!

No offense to my non-Afro/African American Descent brethren, but name one program of interest that relates to my experience as a gay/SGL Black man? Specifically, name one! Sure Noah's Arc was a bit unrealistic, but it was all we had. Mind if I point out to folks the realism of Queer As Folk? I hated each and every those character except for Teddy and Emmit. I don't recall any Black or Latino guys on the show's run. Plus, it gave a very negative representation of Pittsburgh (even though it was filmed in Canada). If I were from Pittsburgh, I'd been pissed. I've been to Pittsburgh and it's a lovely city. Well, no worse than any other Pennsylvanian town, LOL. Kidding.....

Another complaint against Logo is I'm paying extra money to have it, so why do they feel the need to censor all the mature content? We're all grown folk! Even BBC America lets the swear words fly (except for the F-bomb) and shows boobs and asses, and I pay just as much for that channel as I do Logo! Logo is just crap! Of course, though. Aren't they owned by CBS? I was going to point out how homo unfriendly CBS Network is, but then they have Y&R which has tackled many a social issue, plus there is the gay storyline with Luke and Noah on As The World Turns. (Have Jack and Carly finally gotten together once and for all?!?! Yes, Lady Miss T got me sucked into that awhile back. I don't watch any soaps a the moment, though. Rest assured.)

Can't gripe about the parent network CBS then. But Logo? Yes, I will.

Perhaps, someday, there will be more than a handful minority homo-queers who'll put together a cable network dedicated to SGL/LGBT mostly for Persons of Color. I feel so under represented these days! Kinda makes a guy feel inadequate.

Oh bother.
Enough bitching. This is supposed to be a shout out post. Here's to Queen Victoria! Happy somethin-somethin Birthday! Here's to many more.

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