Thursday, May 15, 2008

One Nation, Under God,

I appreciate Senator Edwards gave his endorsement to Senator Obama yesterday. Sigh...but I feel disillusioned, angry even.

Why? Racism, racism, racism, simply put. This whole Democratic Presidential Nominee crap is starting to ruffle my feathers with both the politicos and Joe Republic dancing around the color issue. If I have to hear one more negative comment about Barack Obama won't make a good president, simply because he's Black, I might have to seriously stick a hat pin in someone's ass!

There's more racial attitudes being thrown towards Barack all the time! I was watching CNN yesterday and a representative from the Clinton Camp gave her dissertation why the Democrats will lose in November if Obama gets the nomination, implying because he's Black, he's not good enough for white voters. That white people need a white person to vote for and that's why Hillary is the best choice for the Democratic Presidential Nominee. Her justification centered mostly on Hillary winning the West Virginia primary. Said representative eluded the same scenario will replay over and over and Obama will never get enough Electorial votes to become President of the United States.

OH Really?!? So since Hillary is white, and we all know the Black vote doesn't count (sarcasm), she's the best candidate??? Uh-huh. I'm so tired of everyone saying over and over how Clinton will draw more support from working class White Voters. If they're sick of the Republican manifesto, why wouldn't they vote for someone who'll give them change? Do people really want a Bush third term? Do they want another warmonger in the Oval Office? Really? Do they? Maybe. But it'll be on their heads again if they make the same mistake as the did in 2004. Unlike the President, I know the quote very well he fucked up years back....

"Fool me once, shame on you! Fool me twice, shame on me!"

Granted, I was not in love with John Kerry back in 2004. Personally, I think the man is a moron. However, I voted for him because I was looking for a definite change. The first baby Bush term brought enough problems. I tried to do my part, but many Americans were turned off by Kerry. You can't compare John Kerry to BarackObama.

Since Bush has taken office, our country has gone to shit. Gas prices are at an all time high, there's no proposed solution to extricate ourselves from Mideast oil, 9/11 happened, we're involved in a war based on a lie, unemployment is up, there still is no planned national health care, education is down, people's homes are being repossessed due the mortgage crisis, everything costs more, yadda, yadda, yadda...need I go on?

I think people, regardless if they're Black, White, Latino, Asian, Native Americans, what have you, VOTERS will see the right choice when voting. If not, why are there so many places like Iowa that overwhelmingly supported Barack? I don't know to many persons of color living in Iowa? And Barack won Iowa.

And, um excuse me, but let's not use West Virginia as a litmus for the rest of the United States. It's no surprise Senator Clinton won West Virginia, the state is one of the poorest in the Union, and to be honest, extremely redneck! Didja honestly think those racist mountaineers would vote for a "colored man." Sorry if this offends you, but NIGGA Please! (That's not directed to Barack, but to the assholes who are downing on him for losing West Virginia. Shit!)

More disappointing is the number of older White people I personally know, who I thought I knew better, rationalizing why they will be voting Republican in the fall if Hilary doesn't get the Democratic nod. Oh Jeez! Not you too!

Barack is a good man. Why does the color of his skin have to matter. Did you stop to listen what he has to say? He's the first politician, in my opinion, who seems to have genuine conviction and concern about this country's welfare. Sure, he's still a politician, but his message offers change, not the same old Bipartisan rhetoric we've been sold for decades.

Wake up people. The eyes of the world are watching how this all plays out! Wake up! Now I'm almost too sure the average American could care less about what other countries think about us, but we really need to practice what we preach. We'll be selling ourselves short by letting this historical opportunity pass us by. The United States touts being One Nation, Under God, with Liberty and Justice for ALL, that color doesn't matter, and all {people} men are created equal. But do we really believe it? Is that just a line of crap we teach grade school children?

I'm trying to not let the negativity bother me, but its so damn disheartening. Like my forefathers and foremothers, I'm really tired of racism, and wish it'd just go away. I have an ideal, for all the racists who want nothing to do with any other minority, why don't you pick a part of the world to settle, ship your asses there, start your own country of bigots, and you can be content little isolationists, and die off already!

This is the 21st Century!

As for me and the rest of the country who're free thinkers and see beyond black, white, yellow, red...blah, blah, blah, we'll strive for the American society that judges a person by the content of their character and not their skin tone/hue.


photogreg said...

Thank you! Well said!

Queen Hester said...

So say we all!!!


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