Thursday, May 8, 2008

He's Hot! Isn't He Hot? No? Who's Hot Then?

I don't care. I think he's hot!

I found this brother's photos whilst surfin' the web last night. Umm. There are no other words, but he hot! He IS hot. Now I won't say where I found him at, just delight in his handsomeness with me.

Not much is going on today, it's been a lazy day. I made reservations to take out my mum for Mother's Day. It should be interesting because my house is an undeclared disaster area and I really have no motivation to clean it. Usually, I try to keep it tidy, but with my mood swing drama last and earlier this week, I just didn't feel like it. Surely, my mother will chastise me for my house being in utter disarray. I've been watchin' television non-stop. Actually, that's not completely true. I've also been catching up on my reading.

Sure, I'll get the motivation to straighten up tomorrow. Tonight though, I'm headed down to see my ex-in-laws since they're in town. They've always treated me well despite the busted up marriage thang. I'm hoping I can convince them to put Ugly Betty on. Their conservative selves love to watch the Republican Propaganda.... I mean Fox News Channel. I'm sure I can sneak upstairs to one of the bedrooms and view my show if needed. It's rude, but I can get away with it! LOL. Besides they SHOULD be watching CNN instead of Fox News. If no other reason than to see my newsmen T.J. Holmes and Anderson Cooper.

J'adore T.J. and Anderson!

Speaking of "Andy," I found myself completely enthralled with him on Tuesday night watching the Indiana Primary results. I don't know what it is about Anderson, but he has a magnetism I've been attracted to since he was host on ABC's The Mole. My only complaint is Anderson won't come "Out," dammit! It's well known he's gay. My friend even spotted him at well known gay club and took a picture of Anderson with his cellphone camera. I've seen the picture. T'would appear to be Ms. Vanderbilt's son.

Let me stop here. Andy is doing what's best for himself. Still, Anderson Cooper is someone I can wax poetic about all day long. He's on my top five list of all time hot men. I won't mention who the others are, but you can figure out who my top 20 list is if you've read the blog long enough. (I will say that unlike Anderson, Wentworth Miller is not in the top 5 or top 10, but he is on the top 20 list.)

I have unusual, varying tastes when it comes to men. It also depends on the ethnic persuasion of the guy too. I think you've gotten the type I go for in Men Of Color. If not search through the labels, you'll figure it out. I generally go for all types, thick, skinny, defined...I love Afrocentric hairstyles on my men, but bald is sexy too! There's something about a bald man of African Ancestry that exudes masculine heat. Masculinity is so sexy, is it not?

With white men? Mm, I don't know if I have a particular type per se. Despite popular opinion amongst my friends, I'd take a well seasoned man any day over a pretty boy. I like guys who are average, with a tat or two, and definitely good hair. Facial hair is a definite plus. Your pretty boys shun facial hair. They're afraid of it like the plague, LOL. Damn them! Goatees, chops, beards, 'staches,... nothing twists my key more. All, except, handlebar mustaches. Sorry. I draw the line there. Can't be having Dog The Bounty Hunter fantasies now! Yuck! Of course Anderson has no facial hair, but his premature gray hair? Sssssssssssizlin!

Depending on who's reading the blog, I often get feedback for not having enough men of color and having too many white men. Then, I got an interesting email about some of the Black men posted because they weren't black enough.

I never seemed to notice it before until said reader pointed it out, but if you search through the blog, many of my hot list are Interracial men...Derek Jeter, Will Demps, Wentworth Miller, Vin Diesel, Daniel Sunjata, Jason Kidd, Jason Taylor, Lenny Kravitz, James Blake, on and maybe the brother was correct about me?

Oh really? Is that such a problem? A Man is a man. To quote myself, like I posted recently on another blog, "If he hot, he hot, don't matter what color he is!" I get a little paranoid occasionally for posting my vision of beauty though. I'm waiting for the day the S-Word (sellout) is dropped, then I think I might hafta kick some ass or two (Gee, I've 'ttude today)!

For me, given my own mixed ethnic background, I guess it doesn't phase me in the least. I like bruthas across the whole color spectrum. What is sexy to me, may not be sexy to you. So be it. If you don't like the guys I post, then just read my words. But don't be unkind. We all have our attractive meter. Remember the Almond Joy commercial? Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't? Well, sometimes I'm drawn to a light-skinned man, sometimes I'm not. Sometimes a dark-skinned man, sometimes not!

I don't wanna dive into the Color Line issue within the African American community, only that I wish it would go away. Division within is far more damaging than from without. And those of you who are persons of color reading the blog, tell me if I'm right or wrong. I just know what I know from my own experiences and feedback I've gotten for guys. Perhaps, I'm just blowing this out of proportion.

Aw shit! I think I started something here. K. I'll wrap it all up by posting one more picture then. Enjoy the loveliness that is Derek Jeter, shirtless, at the beach. Uh-huh. I'm counting down the days till my Yankees game in NYC this summer. Three things I wanna accomplish, eating at Sylvia's, shopping, and getting Jeter's autograph.

And, yes, I do have a trip scheduled for Boston this summer too, for those of you keeping score. I'm a BoSox fan, but catch me in some situations and you might see an N&Y on my head. D'oh!

...I await the scathing daggers thrown at me from either fan base now, LOL. Hey, sue me! I'm from PA after all, born, bred, and raised a Phillies fan (even though they piss me off FREQUENTLY!)

Bye for Now.

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Toughkenamen said...

Hey man I like all the guys you post. Don't change a thing!


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