Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Top 3 American Idol Contestants

So, we're down to the final three?

Odds are really against Syesha, but anything, as you know can happen on American Idol. They might vote out David Archuleta so Syesha can loose next week to David Cook. Or David Cook may go. Thus leaving Syesha and David to duke it in the finals. There are a number of possible permutations . This week is definitely going to be a nail-biter.

All I can say, though, is I'm glad Jason Castro is gone!!! That boy was seriously starting to work on my last nerve. People were angry Simon was tough last week judging Jason's performances. I agreed with Mr. Cowell. When you're in the Top 4, you'd better have you're game on if you really want to win. Jason didn't have the vocal competitiveness the other three had. (That's Jason to the right without his 'locks.)

***Note: I had problems this afternoon with my computer and IP provider this afternoon and couldn't post to Blogger. Substantially, Idol has aired and gone. I thought it SUCKED! I hated the song choices. Not sure who will go. The only one I can kinda be confident about is David Cook. Archuleta was bad. Syesha wasn't bad, but her song choices weren't strong. The Archuleta fan base might overpower her tomorrow night. We'll see.

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