Tuesday, May 13, 2008


The flirtatiousness continues!

This morning I had to go to Giant for cat food and other miscellaneous goods. I stopped in the dairy case to pick up Yoplait yogurt (the breakfast of champions dammit!) which was on sale 2/$1.00. Of course er'rybody picked over all the ones I wanted and left the nasty as shit flavas like passion fruit, strawberry & banana, kiwi, kumquat...Ewww!

I was a little more than frustrated. With no thought, I cursed out loud in Spanish. (I curse in Spanish and French all the time. Remind me to tell you about the time Racer X and I were in Montreal and I said some very naughty swears in front two French speaking Nuns...D'oh!)

Just as I was gonna storm out the aisle in a huff, there he was! Arturo! An amazing Latino demigod with beautiful hazel eyes. I dunno why I hadn't noticed him previously. I guess cause I was on a mission. When I shop I'm there to get it done; tend to be obvious to my surroundings. I hate grocery shopping with a passion! I wanna get in and out ASAP!

The only reason I noticed Arturo now, was we crashed into each other as I swung around to leave. Did he materialize outta thin air? I seriously hadn't seen Arturo in the vicinity. In my haste, I turned so fast I literally bumped into this sexy man. Full impact. HARD! Unfortunately too, our collision almost had him singing soprano. My hand with the cane banged into his nether regions. This was no light brush against his crotch either. Luckily, he had thick denim work pants on and wearing steel plated boxer, cause he never complained. But he had to feel that force!

Embarrassed doesn't begin to explain my feeling. I glanced at his name tag, manged to eek out an apology, and started to leave. Not prepared to meet up with anyone sexy, I'd left the house looking as low rent as possible. Dressed in a heavy fleece pullover and grungy, baggy cropped sweatpant shorts, I looked like shit! Here I was staring into the most beautiful hazel eyes evah! OH and his face! I hate sounding like a hormonal adolescent, but I envisioned perfection this morning....

Arturo shook off my apology, then asked me in Spanish if I needed anything in particular. He musta assumed I was Latino (it does happen every now and then) when he heard me cuss. My first thought to his question? "Uh ...you," but I had the wherewithal to legitimately answer him. I understood his Spanish, could've answered him back, but I was distracted as hell by his God-like appearance. I answered back in English.

"Yogurt. On sale. None here I want." I stammered. Bruh was hot enough to melt butter just by looking at it. Coherent sentences were NOT an option at that point! He smiled, nodded, and headed to the back of the dairy case. Arturo had pulled out a case of the flavors I wanted. He then politely asked if there was anything else I wanted.

My first thought again? "Uh ...you,!" I thanked him in Spanish, then got the Hell outta there! I was so embarrassed and humiliated, more than I've been in a loooooong time. The positive highlight? I happened to look over my shoulder as I was leaving and Arturo was staring me down. Even waved goodbye. It was charming, even suggestive. Not like, oh you asshole, but like if only this were the right time and place. If I wasn't such a clumsy lummox, I would've gone back, been a bit more friendly, and gotten his number, but shame and my appearance won out. Shit like this never happens to me, so that's why I'm blogging about it!

Another plus side? I shop at this Giant FREQUENTLY, at least 2-3 times a week. Guess I'll remember to dress to impress next time. Uh-huh.


Queen Hester said...

Oh my God!!!! I feel your pain. I'm always convinced someone from my past will show up at my job while I'm looking oh so fabulous.

Queenie ;-)

photogreg said...

So put on your sexiest outfit and get your sexy ass over there! Hopefully you'll get more than a wave this time.


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