Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Idol With Dancin' & Baseball

Been quite a few sports tidbits going on lately, huh?

I meant to comment about Mike Piazza's retirement from baseball yesterday. I'm happy for him. After 16 seasons, he deserves a much needed rest. Catching is probably one of the most strenuous positions to play in baseball. I'm surprised Mike made it to play until age 39. Mike Lieberthal, who retired earlier this year, is three years younger and has been pretty banged up during his baseball tenure.

Speaking of Lieby, he's due to retire, as a Phillie, sometime in June. I have to catch up with my friends back home and see if I can go to the game and see the ceremony. I'm glad Lieby has the opportunity to retire as a Phillie. A the time of his trade, Mike Lieberthal had been the longest, continuous tenured player in all the Philadelphia professional sports teams.

No matter what you may have thought of his playing, you'd have to admit, Lieby was cherished member of the Phillies Organization. I doubt they'll retire his number, 24, but there's always that chance. I can't imagine some special honor not being bestowed upon Mike.

A few years back several of my friends and I were there to see Doug Glanville retire. Who? Yeah, Doug Glanville. He wasn't a big name player, a rather mediocre player, but his heart was in the game. Dougie was and is a decent fellow and had attended Penn. Dude was really a genius! So I'm sure he's not hurtin' for money since retiring from the game.

And yes, I met him once, twice, or thrice. LOL.

It's sad seeing all these guys retire, they're all within my age group. I've been feeling old enough already, but time waits for no man, and thus we must go onwards.

In other sporting news, I was reading on Yahoo Sports Jason Taylor is probably not returning to the Dolphins next season. Hm. I wonder if he'd considered coming to Pittsburgh? Doubt it. With his recent stint on Dancin' With The Stars, I think Jason is Hollywood bound, his turf playing days appear to be over. I caught a few minutes of DWTS on Monday. Jason looked a little cumbersome and awkward, but still was a treat on the eyes. I'm not surprised Kristi Yamaguchi won. If she danced like she did Monday all season, she deserved it. Wow!

Finally, the first part of the American Idol season finale aired yesternight, and as expected, was over-hyped. When asked who I thought would win, I said "David." Ha-ha, but which one? I'd prefer David Cook. I'd see him in concert.

Based upon the audience's reaction, judges' comments, and performance, probably David Archuleta. I know this pisses Queen Hester off to the Nth degree, but I don't think David Cook had his complete game on last night. It's a shame because both Davids are talented and deserve the title as America's next Idol. However, like the Highlander, "there can be only one."

Let's remember too, the winner of Idol, is not necessarily the one who has the best career afterwards. Jennifer Hudson, Fantasia, and Chris Daughtry are all proof of that. Both Cook and Archuleta will go on to bigger and greater musical aspirations.

Hester claims she'd never see David Archuleta in concert, neither would I. However, the shows demographic audience is a group that would. It's their say so on who ultimately gets the coveted title, not us in the 30 and over bracket.

Let's face facts Hester, we're not young 'uns anymore. Thank God!

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