Thursday, May 29, 2008

"To Have And To Hold..."

Yesterday's wedding for my college buddy Jesse and his partner, now husband, Sonnen was definitely one of life's tender moments. I was blessed and touched by their union.

Now, for those of you who don't know by now, I'm a very sentimental, sensitive person. The wedding moved me. It was my first "gay" wedding. What a great way to kick off Pride Season, dontchathink?

The only downer to the day was we did waaaay too much driving! My friend Darren swung by for me around 7:45 AM since I'm still not supposed to drive. Leaving my house, we drove an hour southeast to pick up our friend Nora. Once we got her, it was another hour drive to meet up at J's mother's house. Jesse and Sonnen already live together, but in traditional wedding style, it's considered bad luck for the "Bride" and Groom to see each other before the ceremony. Jesse decided to stay with his mom here in PA until the big day.

At Janeen's (Jeese's mom), we took pre-wedding photos and got last minute instructions on how to get to Delaware from there. Back into Darren's tiny ass Saturn, I was cramped for an hour and a half till we reached Wilmington. We met up with even more friends and family, then finally departed for New Jersey where the union joining ceremony was being held.

Whew! As I said. Waaaaaay too much driving!

The ceremony was tasteful. Each groom had one attendant and the union was officiated by the local township's mayor. No fancy frills, just a simple declaration of love, exchanging of vows, and rings. Sonnen broke down with tears as he and J exchanged rings. It was moving. Somehow, my friend Jenisha and I were volunteered as the wedding photographers. The township's Mayor, I might add, was sexy and very distinguished. Found myself staring him down half way through the ceremony. I took about 20 photos of him alone.

Once Jesse and Sonnen were officially joined, we took more photos, then departed back to Wilmington. Everyone decided though, we should stop for gas in Jersey, since it was cheaper than Delaware or Pennsylvania. Gas here (PA), is about $3.89-$3.95/gallon depending where you're at. Some places in Delaware it was already at $4.00/gallon. New Jersey's prices are around $3.79/gallon. My only beef with Jersey is you can't pump your own gas. I told Darren I'm glad I didn't drive because I completely forgot you have to let the gas attendant pump your car. How asinine!

At the reception, lemme tell you, somebody's mama put her foot in that spread cause I ate three plates (yeah I was pig!). Service was casual and buffet style. Again, simple, yet tasteful. The meal consisted of fired chicken, seafood, mac and cheese, baked beans, greens, potato salad, cole slaw, cold cuts, homemade rolls, cheeses, fresh fruit, and all kinda name it.

You might think that's not classy enough for a nuptial event, but it was right up my alley. I'm tired of bourgeois ("bojee") weddings! Both Sonnen's and Jesse's family were laid back and inviting. Jesse's family made all of us feel welcome. Both of the happy couple's mothers and grandparents were there, as well as a host of extended family. I was impressed. The family support was outstanding! It made me have hope my own family might someday come around to accepting me if I decide to get married (to a man this time) again .

We stayed a long time. I caught up with buddies I hadn't seen in a dog's age, waxed philosophic, argued over politics and religion (which what we always did back in college, things never change do they?), danced, laughed, drank, smoked, and carried on for hours. It was like old times. I needed that. Been too down on myself for things outta my control lately. Yesterday took the pain away long enough to realize life should be a journey towards happiness and good times.

When it was time to go home, I didn't wanna leave, but there was that 3-4 hour drive back. We all hugged, kissed, and promised to stay in touch more. And yes, you know I brought a plate of food home with me! LOL. I ain't too proud! No, seriously, they were giving food away. There was so much. I had a terrific time and now am looking forward to summer, instead of dreading it.

Finally, shortly before midnight, I got home. This man was dead-ass tired, barely coherent enough to drop my things, and fell immediately into bed. I was exhausted, but truly enriched by the experience.

As Prince once sang, "Life can be so nice.."

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photogreg said...

Glad you had such a good time, Bud. I LOVE fried chicken!


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