Friday, May 23, 2008

Queen Hester

A'ight, Chickie! It's on. You're catchin' up with me. Yep. Today is your special day. Uh-huh. And how many times am I going to remind you how OLD you are????

Hmm. Considering I'm older than you, perhaps it best to pretend we're back at Sylvian Stream, drinking our livers out, smoking our lungs to rot, and doing God knows what with other stuff....LOL.

We've definitely been through some changes in our day, haven't we? But still, we learned and grew up to be such decent people. Considering some of the aforementioned behaviors, we're lucky. Ha!

Nevertheless, Happy Birthday to one my most dearest and closest friends, evah! Happy Birthday Sistah Girl! Here's to Thirty-X more!

Oh there a party rockin' somewhere in Central Pa tonight, bitches. Celebrate!!!

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