Saturday, May 24, 2008

DC Black Pride - Fire & Ink Presents

I happened to check my MySpace account this morning and Rod Lofton sent this to me. I'm posting it to the blog in case some of you out there can catch this opportunity...

I won't have a chance to get down to DC this weekend for Black Pride, but plans look promising for Baltimore's ("Balmor") and Philly's (that should raise an eyebrow or two) Pride celebrations. And, of course, there are several here in Central PA. One downtown (held in July) and Lancaster's (held accordingly in June). I might make an appearance. I'm not big on large gatherings for long and get claustrophobic quickly!

I'm disappointed I have prior commitments or else I would make this event. Wouldn't mind hearing both Rodney and James speak. Alas, life has it's demands, so...I'm stuck here in PA.

If you read this, are on the Washington, DC area, have free time...then check this out:

Fire & Ink Presents!
2-4 p.m.
Saturday, May 24, 2008
Renaissance M St.
Hotel, Potomac Room, Lower Level
1143 New Hampshire Avenue, NW

Come share this afternoon with us, and hear 10 exciting authors read from their latest books:

Laurinda D.
Brown (The Highest Price for Passion)
James Earl Hardy (A House Is Not a Home; new introduction to In the Life)
Zelda Lockhart (Cold Running Creek)
Rodney Lofton (The Day I Stopped Being Pretty)
Michael-Christopher (Unspeakable)
M.W. Moore (Internal Chaos)
Kimberly Q (Orchids I & II)
Dorothy Randall Gray (Tamarinda, novel-in-progress)
Michelle Sewell (Just Like a Girl)

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