Friday, May 30, 2008

Sex And The City

So the day finally arrived! The US premiere of Sex And The City is today!

Hester and I are going to an early matinee this afternoon because we don't want anyone spoiling the plot. It's bad enough I know one thing that occurs in the movie already (I promise I won't give any details).

I won't blog on the movie until a few days so folks have time to see the film. My only hope is it doesn't tank like Speed Racer did. Television shows often have difficulty making the translation from the small screen to the big one. But I'm sure we'll all be glad to see the women we all came to love, and their partners in crime, Big (John), Steve, Smith, and Harry. Plus, let's not forget, Ms. Jennifer Hudson will be featured as Samantha's assistant! Oh yeah! Love J-Hud!

Please let Jennifer have a significant part in the feature and not only on-screen for three seconds. SATC needed a black woman character on the show. The only woman of color that stands out was Sonya Braga, Samantha's brief lesbian lover, Maria. Other than her, nada. Come on Jennifer! Show 'em what ya got!

Wish there was a way Blair Underwood could make a cameo appearance. I've always thought this man was drop dead gorgeous! He was smokin' the season he played Miranda's boyfriend. Miranda is my least favorite character, but when she was dating Blair's, I liked her a little more. Yeah, I know Cynthia Nixon is family, but she turns me off. Miranda is too plain and I've always said she needed to pull the pole out her ass and loosen up.

Overall, this will be one of several highlights of the summer. The next one I suppose will be whenever Noah's Arc makes it debut.

then, have a Cosmo before the film, and smile!

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