Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Ah, Tahmoh.

Tahmoh Penikett is another reason in a growing list to move to Canada. There's more than one actor from our neighbors to the North who tickle my fancy, and definitely, he's one!

Besides his wonderfully unique name, I tend to gush over this guy watching Battlestar Galactica each week just because he is uber-handsome. No one ever said I was consistent with my tastes, did they? Nope.

Now for all you Galactica fans out there, I have safely removed "Helo" from my shortlist of potential characters to be the named the final Cylon.

Nah, couldn't be possible since he's married to one of the Number Eight Models, Sharon "Athena" Valerii-Agathon (actress Gracie Park, who I also think is damn sexy!) and have a hybrid child. I'm pretty sure I know the identity of the 12th Cylon, but I'm not saying until the show finally reveals it.

I'll go on record that I don't think it's Giaus Baltar either (that would be too easy). My question though is why do he and Caprica Six keep seeing versions of the other in their heads? Even Baltar saw himself in a recent vision. It would imply there's some connection to the Cylons, but I'm not sure he is one. Besides, do the math. Either Cylon culture is extremely misogynistic or just plain homosexual. Thus far we have seven male Cylon models and only four female models. Hmm, does this mean the 12th Cylon could be a woman? Logically speaking, it should. But...

Anyway, here's to Tahmoh's 33rd birthday. Hope he had a good one.

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