Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Never, ever, sacrifice your self-respect and self-worth for someone who doesn't deserve it. I used to laugh at the expression "Casting your pearls before swine," but as I get older, it's a value that simply makes sense. Sure, there is a measure of self-sacrifice towards others, but when one party is not reciprocating, say in a relationship, and it's just take take take on their part... Aw hell no, we got a problem Houston!

Remember you are the most important person to yourself. Don't sell yourself short. Keep your head held high. Stand firm in your convictions. Never settle for someone who won't treat you as you deserve. If he can't step with you in line, together, then he just needs to step. Period.

Don't be bogged down to anyone else's melodrama or shenanigans. Be true to yourself. Always. Even if that means you have to walk alone for a period of time. The Universe, the Creator, God...has a plan and a purpose for you. For me. For us all. When you're being disrespected, treated unfairly, maligned, hated upon, just remember you are WORTH better. You ARE somebody special. He (or she) might not love you, but there is someone out there who will, who does.....

Everything good comes to us when it is meant to be and not before.

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