Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Closer Yet To The Finish Line

As analysts predicted, both Obama and Clinton won their respective states last night. I watched Obama's speech and thought he did an commendable job addressing not only Iowa, but the country as well, extending a hand out to Democrats and Republicans alike.

These next few weeks, and perhaps months, are going to be tedious. Watching CNN and MSNBC, everyone agrees Obama will have his work cut out for him if named the Democratic Nominee. He has to reach out and connect with the white voters who aren't familiar to him. Not an easy task, indeed. People who have their minds set, won't go over easily, if at all.

Now I hate suggesting this, however it may be a matter of necessity, Obama may need to dip deep into his racial heritage, to bring white voters on his side. His mother and grandparents are all white. It's unfortunate to say, but there are those who would vote for Bush again than to have an educated Black man in Office. Perhaps, if rural whites, some who probably never met a Black person, can see something in them in Barack, it could compel them to listen to what he has to say drawing some kind of connection.

How sad America is still like this! Politics is nothing but a chess match, move counter-move. Barack's greatest asset could be his grandfather, who fought in WWII. People from the "Greatest Generation" tend to identify strongly with each other. Most analysts indicated this fact last night and how it might be a commonplace issue with those voters to support Obama.

Then again, this all may be premature.

Let's not forget about Senator Clinton. Everyone thinks she down and out, but if anything, the Clintons are always at their best when you think they're finished off. Look how "Billy-Boy" (who I respect immensely ) bounced back from all his peccadilloes and scandals. The Clinton camp will fight to get the Michigan and Florida votes counted.

My opinion is if The Democratic National Committee decides to include those states, which they should for "Due Process," there needs to be a re-vote. Obama did not campaign in either state, nor was his name on the ballot in Michigan. It wouldn't be fair if they turn all the delegates to Clinton without Senator Obama having a chance to reach out to Michigan and Florida voters. How can you vote for a candidate when their name is not offered on the ballot? Unfair! Why give Clinton the advantage, eh?

In the end, and I was against this for the longest time, the best solution probably needs to be some type of Obama/Clinton ticket.

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