Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Syesha Sings On.

A'ight! My girl! I'm glad my prediction was off and while I'm happy Syesha survives another week to perform, I'm severely disappointed she ended up in the bottom two. Why is Jason still safe?!? Why? His frickin' groupies!!!

Consensus from everyone I talked to in the last 24 hours agreed Jason was the worst performer last evening on Idol. Instead, his groupies prevailed, low and behold, Jason sits in the finally four contestants.

Now that I mention it, I've noticed there are more hits to the post I did about Jason these days. Do people really like Jason that much? Sorry, but at this stage of Idol, he's sounding more like last season's contestant Sanjaya. Step it up boy! If you wanna be America's Idol, prove it. If not step aside.

Poor Brooke. It took a while, but she eventually grew on me. She seemed too happy and it came off as disingenuous, but as the season prevailed, and I watched her, I realized she has a goodness that a jaded person like me sometimes takes for granted. Watching her final performance song was difficult. She shooed away David Cook, broke down in the beginning and middle of her song, and then ran to the back of the stage afterwards, only to be comforted by Ryan Seacrest. (I have no love for Mr. Seacrest. He's a Putz!)

Brooke deserved to stay at least another week. Her vocal rang is far stronger than Jason's. Sorry to point this out, but he's just a piece of eye-candy the young girl (and gay bois) are hot for, keeping him around. While she wasn't going to be the American Idol, Brooke definitely needed to go further than Jason "my songs are all the same crappy crooning"Castro. If he doesn't go next week, I might have to stop watching for the remainder of the season.

Syesha! I love ya! I'm glad you'll be around for one more week. She's definitely going to have some musical career, perhaps, on Broadway like everyone keeps mentioning. Being in the final four, she has made her impact and should be very proud of herself. The last three weeks are going to be nail biting, though, especially if Syesha continues into the final three.

Everyone assumes one of the two Davids will win. Remember about the word "assume" though. You never know; Syesha might just surprise us all! Girl could have a killa performance and knock the D's out of competition. Idol is good for throwing curve balls. Previous seasons have shown you never know who's gonna be safe. Look at Michael Johns, Melinda Doolittle, Chris Daughtry, or Jennifer Hudson. The one expected to win doesn't always even make it to the finals. Who would've predicted last year's final two would be Jordin Sparks or Blake? Or take it back further, Taylor Hicks and Katherine McPhee, with Hicks becoming American Idol????

Just because speculation points towards Cook and Archuleta, don't mean shit! Syesha still has a chance. Her only biggest competitor next week is Jason Castro. If she can beat him, Syesha might move mountains yet. Go on Sy! Show 'em what you're made of!

"That's my story and I'm sticking to it!"

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