Monday, April 21, 2008

Why Did I Get Married

Last weekend I finally got around to watching Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married? Oh yeah!

What a charming surprise! I found it wonderfully engaging. I sat clear through the end without being bored. Some of my favorite entertainers like Jill Scott, Janet Jackson, Malik Yoba, Richard T. Jones, and Michael Jai White starred in Why Did I Get Married?

For me, Why Did I Get Married? was Tyler's best film to date. Married didn't seem too hokey or too Hollywood, unlike his previous efforts with Madea and the Browns.

Don't get me wrong now. I love all Tyler Perry's features, but occasionally they come off a little flaccid and tepid. I'm mainly talkin' about Diary Of A Mad Black Woman. It seemed too perfect with is ending. I've noted to others Diary's ending is reminiscent of An Officer And A Gentlemen's when Debra Winger get carried off by Richard Gere. This time, though, at least Tyler had Diary showin' a real attractive man doing the carrying, namely uber-hunk, Shemar Moore. That's just my humble opinion. I adore Tyler's pictures, so please don't tell him or Madea I was talkin' smack about them. Please don't! LOL.

My favorite scene in Married was when Michael Jai White comes to bed in his tight, tight, TIGHT boxer briefs, lookin' all ripped and muscular, and has to avoid sleepin' with his wife because he's got an STD. Hot stuff in them drawers! Damn.

Besides exploring good friendships and loyalty and support that comes with them, Married emphasized the dynamic of relationships and how we can fall into ruts, taking our partners for granted. I took away from the story the power of trusting God, yourself, and eventually the RIGHT mate who will be your shoulder to ease your burdens when times are rough. Never allow yourself to think less of yourself or be disrespected. It also teaches the grass may not be so green on the other side. Keep yo' 80%!

I concur with the reviews I read. I gave the film high marks on Netflix. I highly recommend this performance, especially for you Tyler Perry lovers out there. I'm SURE you've all seen it and I'm just behind the times as usual, but if you haven't seen it by chance, do so. You might just learn something about yourself along the way.

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