Sunday, April 20, 2008

Perfection: God Did Create Adam Afterall

Every now and again, there'll be a photograph or two of a man that completely takes my breath away. Literally. I was stumbling around the 'Net this weekend and came across this bruh. OMG! I think if he was gay and interested, my life would be complete. I would give up the Internet forevah, LOL. Yeah I'm being silly. But seriously this man has to be the pure embodiment of perfection. His skin complexion, his abs, his Adonis belt (better known as that "V-thang") his sumptuous lips, his nose, his belly button...uhn! Make a brutha holla!!!

Sorry. It's rare for me to express my hormonal urges publicly like that on the blog. Excuse me. Ahem....Where was I?

Maybe you'll agree with me. Maybe you won't. I really don't care! He's perfect and somewhere, out there, I know this guy is makin' somebody very happy...male or female. Lucky bitches!!!!


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photogreg said...

You know I agree completely with you!


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