Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Idol's Final Five Soon To Be Final Four....

A quick post before American Idol comes on. Who do you think is going home tonight? I'm not a big Neil Diamond fan; his songs are tough to sing. I respected him more last night though because he had many nice things to say about Syesha Mercado.

Brooke White and Jason Castro were the worst by far. Jason was just pitiful. His singing sounds the same each week, lacking that "mmph." However, my prediction is that Syesha will be voted off tonight because the other two have large fan support. I will cry tears of joy if my girl makes it through tonight.

Of course, if I'm correct, it'll be spit and damnation for the next few days. I'm still recovering from the Michael Johns ouster! Then again, they might pull another fast one sending one of the two David's home. I think there'd be rioting in the streets if that happens, yet as I'm learning, you never know with that show. Simon ended last night saying Syesha would be in trouble this week and with the large fan base for Mr. Castro, she just might be.

Keep your fingers cross for her!

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