Monday, April 21, 2008

BJW & Mystique

Ahhhh, Brian Jai White.... He da man! The whole film was worth seeing just for him. I loved Brian in Stomp The Yard. Brother has got talent and is easy on the eyes to boot!

I'll probably get shit talked me for days bringing up this next point though. In that scene, Brian is as buff as he can be. There's a film Brian did a number of years ago where he showed the whole enchilada. From my recollection, just saying, things didn't exactly match up. OK, not a problem. There' ain't a thang wrong with male nudity. I'm not complaining.

I've seen screen caps of the nude scene and have the clip somewhere on my hard drive. I don't know the name of the film. I'm sure a Google search would bring it up. Does anyone know the film I'm talking about?

On more than a few message boards I read, folks were actually complaining about the size of Brian's penis, makin' all kinda derogatory remarks. Then the whole grower vs shower argument went rampant; how he's not a real man, and all that. Fuck that.

As long as a man knows how to use his tool and gives his partner pleasure RIGHT, does it really matter? Let's get over this size crap. Why do countless men need to feel their worth is in their pants? Why feel inadequate if your not packin' 10" or more? Statistics show those men are rare anyway. Don't let the porno demigods steer you wrong. If you need a "Mandingo" dick every time you get laid, you're bound to be lonely 70-80-90% of the time.

Criminey! You know? Some my gay brethren have issues. Perhaps they're feelin' a bit inadequate about themselves huh? Personally, I'm satisfied. I'm almost 40, not 14 again! Good Lord my queer brothers, grow up already! LOL.

Brian phiiine just the way he is. He's grown and sexy. If he don't have a problem with his body, why should those queens be? It's not like they'll ever have the chance to crawl under the sheet with him anyway. Ha! Nope. I think Brian is damn sexy.

Is a man's worth based in the inches in his crotch? Hell no! If you really thinks so, then you need to grow up. Just cause your man got inches don't mean he got your back! I'd rather have someone who knows what they're doing, loves me, and is passionate! Again I ask, why is it self-worth is in the penis? Size and virility don't equate. I'm sure there are plenty guys who are large have no clue how to use it right. We need to end this bullshit, especially the mystique surrounding black men and their genitalia.

Stop the mystique over black men's penises, stop! As long as the "Johnson" works, you really shouldn't have a problem. You need to be attracted to the total package, his whole body, not just his package. If he can work it, work it well, there ya go! And besides, don't believe the overrated hype.

Sorry. Didn't intentionally mean to go off or make Brian the poster child for the average endowed man. I like bro's junk! I think he's sexy, sexy, sexy! The real question about Brian is do I like him better clean shaved or with the mustache? I'm a lover of facial hair, but he looks more tender without. What do you think?

Hope Brian White never finds this blog post, heh heh! Despite my humorous lecture, today is Brian's birthday. I sincerely hope Brian had an excellent one.

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b said...

Buddy I think you got people mixed up. Its Michael Jai White in the movie. Not Brian.


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