Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Day After

My annoyance with the voters in Pennsylvania is paramount today. Had to cool my heels before I posted anything.

Irritation. Frustration. Disappointment. These all aptly describe how I feel regarding last night's Pennsylvania Primary results. When she won Pennsylvania. CNN's commentary on how Barack couldn't even win a victory in a battleground state like Pennsylvania, didn't help improve my attitude. CNN gave a report that if Senator were to lose the Democratic Presidential Nomination, the majority of his supports would with Senator's Clinton's bid for the White House. That, conversely, can't be said in reverse. Analysts' polls say if Obama wins the Democratic nod, plenty Clinton supporters won't vote for him.

Huh? What kinda horse shit is that?!?! I suppose we might as well start saying "Good Morning, President McCain," huh? Idiots. Has America not learned? I mean c'mon people! We're currently paying $3.50+/gallon for regular gas. REGULAR! Do you think four more years with Republicans in the Executive Branch is going to help? McCain wants to keep us involved in King W's military campaign, for Pete's Sake!

My mood is still very sour. Negative expletives have been coming out my mouth left and right since last night. Senator Clinton is really messing with the Democrats' chances here. People could say the same about Barack, but he's still in the lead, even if his lead has narrowed. Why should he step down? Ms. Clinton is officially on my list of most annoying persons. Shame. Once upon a time, I had more respect for her. I admire her fight for what she thinks is right, however....

I had to turn off her victory speech last night; was more than I could stand.

And disappointment doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about Philadelphia Mayor, Michael Nutter! Not sure if he had endorsed Barack Obama what impact it may have had, but it could have helped. There are a few choice adjectives I'd like to ascribe towards Mayor Nutter, but I'm trying to be fair.

All in all, I'm not surprised Senator Obama lost Pennsylvania, so there's no need for me to get all mopey. Weeks ago, I predicted Obama would have a tough time earning votes in Western PA. Emphasizing this point is a friend who lives in Western PA, who voted for Barack, got chewed out by his mother for voting for him. Furthermore, my friend's mother had the audacity not to vote herself. What the f.....!?!?!

Gentle. Gentle. Gentle.

OK. I can understand not liking either candidate and not choosing not select either potential nominee, but at least show up to the Polls. Chose "no vote." Second, don't criticize anyone, for using their freedom to vote, for selecting Clinton or Obama. I'm desperately trying to demonstrate this myself. While I might not like the reasons why people voted for Senator Clinton over Senator Obama, at least they voted.

As minorities and women, we owe a moral obligation to our foremothers and forefathers who struggled and suffered for cause to obtain our American right! While Blacks were given the right to vote in the 1860s, "Jim Crow Laws" and other racist edicts, rebuked Movement pushed for this privilege. Many persons of color could not vote until the Civil Rights Movement brought about social change, and even then, many folk had to wait until the late 60s, and in deep rooted areas of the disenfranchised, the 1970s, before their political voice was heard. The Suffragettes diligently protested for change, but woman didn't get the chance until 1920. American History gives us the impetus to vote. Our progenitors fought to guarantee our rights. We must never let their struggle be in vain!

I don't mean to step up on my Moral Soapbox. Residual emotions are still brewing deeply though. Photogreg, Lady Miss T, and Queen Hester have been invaluable keeping yours truly optimistic. Greg even promised me a drink. I'm holding you to that promise bro when I see ya next, LOL!

See. There is a reason why I don't discuss politics on my blog....

"So say we all." "So Say We All!"



photogreg said...

You go bro! I understand your disappointment and frustration. Hopefully we (Indiana) can come through for Obama!

(And who's the hot man with the BARACK THE VOTE shirt? Yummy!)

Darktomahawk said...

Thanks G. I hope so. If he wins Indy, I'll drive out and you, me, and the T's (yours and mine) will have to CELEBRATE!!!


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