Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lay Me Down To Sleep...

It's been a long day for a number of reasons, tiring, with several moments of irritation. It's funny when you have nothing to do, you have everything to do. Fortunately a few things got resolved before day ended.

I have PT early in the morning, so I'm actually headed to bed earlier than usual. Sleeping is going to be tedious tonight. There are pressing issues engaging my thoughts. Thoughts that are just burdensome. Plus, loneliness keeps knocking at the door. Did some major thinking about Napoleon tonight, mainly because I was looking for something, then realized he stole it. Groan. Still, that was my latest relationship, so it's difficult to let go easily. Absence has a way of making things seem better than what they are/were.

Make no mistake, Napoleon is not coming back into my life. I ask God to allow me to forgive him each day. I ask God to keep him safe from harm. But in no way do I want Napoleon's chaos back in my life. I'm so much more at peace now. Lonely, but at peace.

I posted the brother to the right because I'm dreaming of someone perfect like that will step into my life. Yes I know physical beauty fades. Yeah. Uh-huh. Sure. I feel ya. I need someone to feed the spiritual and emotional side, but a little beauty won't hurt either, LOL.

Oh, I'm not depressed, just at another crossroads. They seem to be occurring more and more frequently. I'm probably out of rest. So as I hit the hay, I'm going to dream about the man in the picture, or at least someone I do have my eye on. (Shh, I'm not telling you about him. Yet!) I hope sleep will welcome me peacefully. Tomorrow is a brand new day. A brand new month. A new chance to start over anew again.

Here I go...

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photogreg said...

Hope it was a deep and restful sleep!


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