Friday, May 8, 2009

"Where's The Party? I Wanna Free Myself"

...Where's the party? I wanna free my soul!"

Nice Madonna quote!

Why was I worried again? Why did I doubt the Creator, that whenever you have function, any function, there's always a handful of the "children" present? LOL. And why did I get seat next to one of the few, who avoided all eye contact with me because of that ring on his left hand, trying to play it off like he was one of "them?" Mm? Tell me.

The party was OK, I didn't have the best of times because I didn't know too many people and all the brothers there were keeping to themselves, straight and gay. Even the ones who were glaringly obvious were not speaking to your boy. OK... do I stink? Do I offend?

Believe me, I adjusted my attitude before I made my entrance even though I was nervous, but I went in with my best smile, and tried to mingle. Most folks were antisocial. Still, I'm glad I went. Now I'm tired and going to bed. I promise to give more details later.

Ian Inquiry: One last thought... on the way home the sudden thought of David and Keith from Six Feet Under, their lives, romance, and deaths, impressed heavily on my soul. For a second, I had an overwhelming flood of emotion, love, anxiety, joy, true deep profound love, and loss. It was sad. So my question tonight, is there someone in your world who has made you feel the penultimate when it comes to your emotional being?

I'll explain more tomorrow.


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