Friday, May 15, 2009

So Overwhelmed!

Not to mimic my No. 2 "husband" Larry Fitzgerald's teammates,(remember Dorian Gregory replaced him as head husband?) but honey....I could fall down and cry jus' like these bruhs!

Lawdhavmercy! I'm so behind on my blog posts!!! Chil'ren, Ian' tis overwhelmed this morning. I'm so behind with posts!!! I'm working on three or four the Axe, four for MALE, and several for ChocolateSalsa.

In recent weeks, my good brothers have generously kept up their part and been praising my blogging efforts. Gee, can I have my Sally Field moment now??? Been Splashed by Greg, Tagged by Viktor, and Licked by Gayte-Keeper. Factor in I haven't tweeted in a few days, plus I have return emails, Facebook activity, I'm on a full time schedule. How is it for someone on disability, not working, I've more work doing the recreational Internet thang, then when I was gainfully employed?!?! I love it! How is that? LOL.

So be patient my brothers, I'm gonna get around to everything by the end of the weekend.


Wonder Man said...

we know you will

photogreg said...

I will be patient. It will be worth the wait. Just take it easy!


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