Saturday, May 9, 2009

What Wuz U Thinkin' Rihanna?

Dear Ms. Girl-

This is all over the 'Net this morning so I figure I better throw my two cents in there before everybody done said all that's to be said.

According to Rhymes with Snitch and YBF blogs, Chris Brown leaked the photographs on the web? I don't care who did what, if you did it or if he did, but can somebody sit you two black people down and tell get y'all to stop this mess. And a hot mess it is indeed. Although good for the gossipers. This year with y'all has to be their bread and buttah!

Doing stupid shit make us ALL look bad. Don't take nude pics of yourse'f, then act all surprise when the crap hits the web! We live in the 21st century. This is information technology age!!! Your shit will get out one way or another. Have you no modesty? No shame?

Maybe cause I'm queer as the day is long and have no real interest in viewing you butt ass nekkid I can make the following lecture. Take pride in yourself. Not only as a woman, but as a black woman, as a role model to young girls coming up. Don't let no man disrespect you and make you less than what the Creator gave you. Don't be poisoned by his apple, my Nubian Eve. If Chris did leak the pics, which I can't say he didn't, well we all know he's got serpents and demons slithering 'round his garden.

And I'm not gonna lay all the blame at his feet neither. No. Ours is a misogynistic world, but you're the one who allowed him (at least some) to photograph you in a state of undress. Don't you know no 'celebrity' relationship ever lasts? They always crumble and we he leaves, he'll take his vengeance once the good times have rolled? Please girl! Get you some sense. It's a harsh and evil reality, but eventually, somebody (straight men folk) will do you wrong. All in the name of their issues or money or your greater fame or fortune or whatevah... Pride Rihanna, Pride.

Center yourself in God. Place your spirit in His hands (which I know your parents raised you right so I know you know better 'an this), and hold your head up high when the Devil comes knock-knocking. And he been comin' for you this year girl...

*Sigh*. I still love you though. Now I'm gonna go watch me some hot masculine REAL MAN goodness on CNN, namely, Thomas James Holmes. Buh-bye nawr.

Ian E.

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