Sunday, May 17, 2009

Second Time Around.

Showing some more LA love....Once again gents, here's Ray's second spotlight.

Haven't heard from Brother Avito in a few days, suppose he's off doing something creative or something, but I had these leftover photos I had uploaded for his spotlight I did over on Chocolate & Salsa I didn't wanna waste, so I'm giving Ray-Ray another shout out.

Yo! Avito! When you get the chance, drop a brother some words let somebody know what's up. And did your Dodgers give my Phils a spanking last week! Hmph. Even without Manny, y'all whupped some azz. S'a'ight though, I was cheering on Wolfie the day he pitched against Moyer, glad he got the "W".

To catch more of Ray and his creativeness, be sure to drop his blog Ennui.


Sozo's said...

I love the one in the white shirt...grrr

Ray Avito said...

Oh yeah, I deleted that blog, but I'm still dropping by here daily...


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