Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Letter To Marcus

A Weilding The Axe/MALE/ChocolateSalsa Cross Blog Post!

Dear Marcus,

I don' know about everybody else, but speaking for myself, Marcus would you stop being a cock tease and just friggin' give a good display of the goods already.

No more teasing, bruh. We all know you're packing heat. We all know you got the ass chiseled by the hands of God, we all know you probably swing both ways (ain't no thang but a chicken wang brutha). Yeah I know you gotta keep us wantin' more, but its so frustrating.

When are you gonna do another video, huh? The B. Scott video was enticing, but I'm ready for the action. Some of us don't have the luxury or the good fortune living in the big city. Let's face it, those of us tied down by this try economic times can't afford to cross the street, let alone cross country to one of your performances. But we too want our share of your Tastykakes!

Marcus, you got the following. People would come out in droves to purchase a copy.Why not team up with your good buddy and friend, Alex Castro, and make that adult video? My light-skinned brutha, you'd be a hit. People would say "Matthew (Rush) who?"

Your only problem is figuring out which of you is gonna go where. Betcha I know you know. Yeah boy, Marcus you know the deal. Big ole boy like you, uh-huh. You wanna be top dog. Then again, as much ass shakin' I've watched you do on the Internet, maybe not. ((Ian gets guidy at the thought!))

OK, so now that you got the impetus from a loyal fan, go on, take the jump. Get nekkid already.
So, whachusay Brother Patrick? Don't make me beg...(but if necessary, I will.)


Anonymous said...

I've seen Marcus a couple of times and I'm always so shy around him. He's a real stunner. I always feel like a stalker...

Ian a.k.a. Darktomahawk said...

Oooh, do tell me. What's brother like in person?


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