Monday, May 4, 2009

Love Me Or Hate Me, I'm Fat Dammit!

'Sup peeps?

Continuing on with my blogging, for today will be a seat at the confessional, washing away all my fear, guilt, and shame...well, not all of it, I'll be posting heavily this Monday. If this is your first time on the blog this morning, flip back a few previous post today to catch up....

Ya know, this weekend was an ass-kicker, but that noise is done now. I'm recapturing my spirit, allowing the Universe to speak to me as only He can do, allowing him to calm the waters, get my groove back, and be the person He know only I can be. Time to get started with the next progression. I think I can do that. But dang, why does it seem like I've been running this race for 40 years? Well, maybe because I have, LOL!

So, ya know your boy here is big boned, but damn I caught myself in the mirror the other day and god damn, I'm just plain old fat. Not p-h-a-t, but the regular run o' mill, too much weight...FAT!

Shit. Merde.

Now as they say, De-Nile is not just a river in Egypt. pSent too much of my life living in denial. My weight is the second to last thing I haven't dealt with, the other being dealing with my sexual openness with my parents (but honestly, is that any of their business. I don't ask how they throwing down each night, right???)

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