Wednesday, May 6, 2009

44 Got Hungry

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I know this clip has been posted on other blogs already, but I saw this last night and was gonna post, but got too tired. I like how they "supposedly" just jumped in their car and ran out for a quick jaunt, waited in line like er'rybody else, and actually paid for their meal. First of all, you know Secret Service was there five months in advance casing the the joint for any suspicious threats, then every employee had a thorough background check to the Nth degree... lawdhavmercy! Nothing surrounding our beloved President just happens "by chance." Nothing.

Negro Please!

And ewwwww! Why 44 frontin' like that? We all know he done (supposedly) gave up the cigarettes... He's probably jonesing for the good stuff like a mug. You know he wanted more on his hamburger than some damn mustard, lettuce, and tomato with a glasses of water! Eat healthy? He's the leader of the Free World! Can't the man throw down every once and a while?!?! Course, you know there's probably been some ordering our from Ben's Chili Bowl since the Obamas took residence at 1600, and I doubt it's the Secret Service neither. Ha!

Yeah, I know. President Obama's trying to eat healthy, we all know 44 could gain a pound or two, and then lose that, plus ten more the next time he plays hoops. So Mr Prez...we need some mayo, ketchup, horseradish, and a maybe even a couple strips o' bacon on that sammich! LOL.

Is there any wonder why I'm a big boy? LOL.

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