Saturday, May 16, 2009

Is He Ready? And I'm Sorry.

Now I caught the snippet on Rhymes With Snitch that T.I. will start his jail sentence a week from this Tuesday. I have mixed emotions about it and him.

While I understand the reason for his sentence, after I watched a few episodes of Road to Redemption (his television program on MTV), I gained more respect for the brother.

Ashamedly, I group him with the whole group of artists in his genre, and just wrote him off as another "thug." I'm not a fan of hip hop or rap and have even less favorable beliefs about T.I.'s contemporaries, but now is not the time dish out the evil of that particular music genre. Shouldn't pass judgment until you know a person's heart, their character. T.I.'s program showed more than enough to prove me wrong, give me some enlightenment and insight to the man behind the exterior. I don' know bruh from Adam, I owe T.I. an apology for my preconceived notions about him. Besides, he's effin' phine too!!!

Now, you knew I gonna say something queer didn't you?!?! LOL!


Sozo's said...

I only saw a few of the episodes, but I too gained a different perspective and new found respect for the sexy lil beast.

D.J. said...

Well i have to disagree with you all. I had little respect for him and the show only lowered my opinion of him. He broke the law.....again. I mean i get it, you have been use to living a certain kind of life and suddenly you have all this success and money, that does not make you a different person, your just the same person with more money, fame, and freedom. So you go about feeling untouchable and suddenly you find a new reality cause you did something stupid. So you go to jail and do your time, lesson learned right?

Wrong, you keep doing dumb shit and so you have to go back to jail. So now you do this show trying to teach others the lesson you learned, but did you actually learn the lesson? Are you only on this "road to redemption" because you were breaking the law.....AGAIN???

Oh and only the last episode as he holds his 2-3 year old son he says that as bad as his family will suffer cause he is locked up, none of them will suffer as much as him. Huh??? Ho w about this boy child that will not have his father 9such as he is) in his life. When you have kids your comfort takes a backseat to their needs.

Nope sorry..he is a thug and will remain so and i wish we were back in the days of Motown where bad behavior would get your contract dropped!


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