Sunday, May 17, 2009

Rise Up Black Television

Continuing this morning's commentary on the state of African American media and entertainment. For the first blurb, go here....

I find it interesting in the radio spectrum there seems to be a bevvy of programs to select from. We have Michael Baisden, Tom Joyner, Steve Harvey, Yolanda Adams, Wendy Williams, The Ride with Doug (Banks) & Dede (McGuire), just to name a few. So what wrong broadcast television? Can't someone get quality programming for us to watch? You can't tell me some celebrity couldn't match, dollar for dollar, and create a network or networks, to showcase African American talent? Real, decent, comedies, dramas, and serials for People of Color?

But Ian, you started off this commentary by slamming Terry Perry's effort. What up with that?

OK, OK, OK. You caught me dead to rights wrong. I did criticize Tyler, but not for his efforts. You're right, Tyler and Lionsgate are trying. But what about the other African American elite? The HollyWEIRD Black Royalty? Hm? Much as I love Will and Jada, can't they throw a few dollars in the collection plate? And how about some of our bruhs in sports? No naming names. Please don't get me started. Instead of shooting yourselves in the leg, cheating on your wives, dog fighting, or creeping on the crawl, put that time and energy you wasting back into the community. Invest in us like somebody invested in you...

Now, boys and girls, I'm not talking about er'rybody. No. Some people are subsidizing to the cause. Doing it anonymously. Not everything needs to be done by sight. But for every one brutha or sistah contributing to the cause, how many aren't? Don't let naysayers more can't be done. Doesn't Oprah own Oxygen Network? Really. People let's be creative. Aren't you tired of watching the same ole ghetto fabulous programming on BET? Sick of the stupid trash that's thrown at us, force fed to us, because that's all there is?

While some networks have tried, I'm sorry, The Real Housewives Of Atlanta (Bravo), I Love New York or Flava of Love (both VH1), From G's to Gents (MTV), 106 and Park, Hell Date, Baldwin Hills or College Hill (all BET) are gonna cut it!
Call me a television snob. It's true, I am, but I readily admit to watching all the above mentioned...Hell yeah...I loves me some garbage TV! Where else am I gonna get my lesson in the Stanky leg and such? Certainly not here in Pennsylvania Dutch Country! Willkommen! Wie bist du?

And to be sure, I do watch some programs their sleaze factor. Honey, do you honestly think I have anything in common with any of the peeps on College Hill, aside from my skin color? Really? Do you? Nope. I'm a middle aged homo, out on the chicken hawk thug watch, scoping out the fresh bruhs, jealous of where they at in life, what they're accomplishing.

Speaking of College Hill a moment, I know y'all caught Mr. Jones' picture post over on Surrealistically Speaking, the other day, right? Don't know where he found Dorian (CH: ATL) all undressed down like that (not the pix to the right, follow the link), but man...shivers down my spine...sexual fluster...heat flash, heart palpitations, and..... Oh did I just type that? LOL. Oops my bad. What exactly was I saying now???

Maybe I need to step of the soap box and collect myself half a mo',


J. Clarence said...

I only watched The Real Housewives of Atlanta to see how horrible they were. I know it's bad, but I could not help it.

I think a lot of it is because African-American media still targets a specific demographic within the African-American community and not the whole community, which is much more economically, politically, and in terms of education diverse. And a lot of that is because it makes more economic sense to do so, because the demographic which it targets is its larger audience base.

Wonder Man said...

I agree, sad though

Corey said...

Wow! Ian, I think you just articulated every reason why I do not watch much television any more ~ especially as it relates to "our" shows. Eat too much garbage and you get sick!


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