Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hey You!

Read in jest, because sometimes the only way to get through the storm is to do a humorous rant along the way and laugh your ass off... This is in response to some recent disrespect I've been receiving. It's not even worth blogging about, you know I will eventually...

Hey you!
Yeah you,
Ya cocky sonuvabitch!
Yeah, I'm talkin' to you bitch!
I know you think you oh-soooo-fuckin' better than me
cause Father God gave you blessings He didn't give me,
Oh well.
Here I stand!

I saw you starin' at me,
mockin my mannerisms,
making motions like I was the fattest thing this side of Eden.
I know,
I'm a big boy...A BIG boy.
Gotta problem wit' dat?

Obviously you do.
Fuck off cum wad!
Neanderthal brain mofo. Did I even remotely express interest in your ass?!?!
Just cause I got casual wit'you,
doesn't mean I'm trying creep with you!

Nigga Please.


And exactly who are you to judge me?

Is all your shit in order?
Aw hell nawr, it ain't!
you so busy running around,
fucking ev'rything that moves,
proving yo'self to be a real Black man,
real Latin bruh,
you forgot one thing
I never said I was wanting you.

Yes, I might be a thick brother,
some say fat,
I got issues, plenty of 'em,
but you know what?
That don' make me desperate,
I got some integrity.

Dear one,
I have way beyond your shallow image,
beyond that piece of rotten meat between your thighs,
I got my self-worth,
my self-respect!
Though it might be difficult to maintain some days,
I got it!

So see,
I might not be phine as wine,
be trim like Jim,
fabulous as you wanna be,
might not be turnin all the heads at the club,
but that's OK!
Cause I know where my heart stands.
Do you know even where your heart is at?!?!

So you do your thang,
and I'll do mine.
I wish you much love in the end though,
cause though you might not see it,
you're still my brutha,
and if you took the time to see it,
you'd recognize I'm not so bad,
just cause I 'on't look like you.
But thems your issues...

I pray someday you'll get it.
Get that the Creator made us all,
big, small, thin, short, fat, beautiful, not-so-beautiful,
and that the greatest thing there is to life,
is not fucking,
(who cares how many conquests you notched on your bedpost?!?!)
or how many friends you had,
but what good service you did while you was here.

So lemme take back my earlier 'fuck you.'
Replace it with a 'Bless You' instead
See sometimes I get angry,
but no harm,
cause when I touch base with me,
It's HIM I see,
not you,
clears away the facade,
opens doors...
(and they is opening)

On that note,
lemme step.
I got better things to do
than worry 'boutchu,
so wit dat I say
"Peace brother."
catch u on da flip....

By Ian Edwardson

12 May 2009


thegayte-keeper said...

wonder who this is for...?

David Dust said...

Well said!!


Jimmy said...

Love this. I'm a big boy, too. Can I cross post this on my blog?

Ian a.k.a. Darktomahawk said...

TG-K: It's in reference to several people, but I'm not naming names. But there is one big time celeb who got on my shit list. Oh I'm so tempted to blog about his phony ass shit, but my mama taught me manners....

David: I love you too brother! We gotta meet up either in the 'Burg or in NYC! Arturo and I might be up there for Pride.

Jimmy: Feel free to use this on your blog, please just gimme credit for writing this. I really did. I was frustrated as hell and tapped into some EN-ER-GY! LOL.


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