Saturday, December 22, 2007

Bon Anniversaire

Well its been a year of blogging on the Axe and what a year its been. I haven't made every opportunity to post everyday like I want to, but I try as often as time permits.

So what do you think people? To be honest, I write from the heart or the heat of the moment. It's personal but I try to put a spin so I think people will find interest. Do you like what you've been reading? Is it interesting? Are changes needed (besides my grammar at times)? Is it too revealing? Dull? Childish? Hm? Good questions...wait and see what happens in 2008.

I've gotten some feedback from people on my g-mail and a few comments from readers. I recently added a counter at the bottom of the page to get an idea how many hits the Axe gets. Thanks to my faithful friends who read and all the others who've endured the journey along the way. Feel free to drop a line. If you have a blog send me the link and I'll link back to you. I wouldn't mind getting readership increased. There's only one or two people I can think I don't want to know about this, but I'm sure they'll find it soon enough. They possibly might even find themselves mentioned here. More than likely, they will.

So,tonight I prepped for Christmas by adding to my holiday shopping and went out for sushi with Queen Hester. I've had my fill of sushi for a while cause I ate a ton of it. After dining I went back to Hester's house, watched Pirates of the Caribbean: World's End and got a my fill of cookies, homemade fudge, and Amaretto DiSaronno laden tea. It's good thing Pirates was a drawn out film, I lost my buzz halfway through the movie. Boy I'm glad I didn't pay the $9 to see that in the theater. The plot was so convoluted. I couldn't follow, too much double crossing. It wasn't the worst film I've seen, but they should have made World's End into two separate movies. And what was up with the unresolved vengeance Calypso was gonna dish out to Davy Jones??? God that movie was weak. Yeah, I know I'm late watching.

Last night I didn't blog, choosing instead to grocery shop for my Christmas Eve and Day dinner menu. After shelving my groceries I watched Julie Andrews in her best performance as Mary Poppins and my uber-hunk fantasy man Shemar Moore in Diary of A Mad Black Woman. As much as I like Tyler Perry's Madea character, Diary was a little trite. Don't hate! I understood the message, but it was just too Hollywood; unrealistic. Life is a bitch and he's out to kick as much ass a possible. He don't care who he hurt (like my grammar?)!

For as much as I should be getting ready for birthdays, Christmas Eve/Day, and Boxing Day festivities (sleeping in mostly that day), I've been a real lazy ass all weekend. I talked on the phone a good portion of the day, particularly with Tamodi, who was calling for directions to the Verizon Center in DC. Tamodi was takin' her daughter to the Chris Brown concert as an early Christmas present, but got on the highway and forgot the directions. Lucky girl, I hope Maya enjoyed the performance. I'm jealous she went, CB is definitely hot! But I don't think he swings that way. Nope, no sir, I don't think so at all.

My laziness was overplayed today. I haven't even purchased Lady Miss T's birthday presents yet. Time is running out! Her birthday is tomorrow!!!!

By the way Miss T, Happy Birthday to You, grrrrl. You look fab-u-lous for only being 24! Well add a couple more candles to that cake, but you still look younger than I do. At least people guess your age to be a decade and a half below your correct age. Sheesh. You look as pretty as the day we met and I'd do it all over again. Well almost everything, I'd trim the adverse times out this time.

Back to other things going on, I still haven't approached Myjah, the whole issue is unresolved, but at least a dialogue is continuing. We had a long conversation Thursday evening and he seems to have his head screwed on better than I do, yet something is amiss with him. I can't put my finger on it. Oh his religion isn't even a factor anymore. I'm 99.44% sure he's gay. I did some heavy flirting, but I won't say he reciprocated. To be honest, I might be losing interest because I need to dedicate time and love to myself first. These last few weeks have proven I don't need to be in a relationship until I get my own house in order.

Along with Myjah issues, I backslid and ended up in a sexual situation with Napoleon again. I swore him off, but dude showed up at my house lookin' all too handsome and cute in his saggy jeans, showing of his ass in his formfitting boxer briefs. Mmmm. OK, yeah I knew he wanted something. All Naps ever has to do is fling himself at me with sexual overtones and I tend to acquiesce to his wants. I'm old enough to know better. I'm angry because I broke my self-imposed chastity vow, but I feel proud enough that I didn't engage in full blow intercourse with Naps. Boy is a master manipulator.

After the Christmas holidays, I'm hoping I can disentangle myself from Napoleon and Myjah's distractions. My plan for 2008 is really to get back to the heart of who I am. I had been doing volunteering earlier in the year, but when I got sick, my extracurricular activities all got sidelined. I need to take the selfish focus off myself and give back to the community. My talents are best served by giving, not hording. Been doing way too much feelin' sorry for myself lately. Maybe my problems from last week stem from too much self-indulgence and were a wake call from the Lord tellin' me get with the real program.

So, that where I is at. (Great grammar, but I actually say that!). I'll try to blog one more time today, but it might not be until late. I still have to finish my shopping and do major house cleaning. Christmas will be busy with church, friends, and cooking Christmas Day Dinner.

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