Thursday, December 20, 2007

My Christmas Gift's Already Here

Just a quick note before bed. I'm very tired and these next few days are going to be very fast paced as I have all my holiday shopping to do. I work tomorrow and then have off for the first Saturday this month. Lady Miss T's birthday is Sunday so I have that to shop for and then there's Christmas Eve and Day plans....sheesh! I'm gonna be so tired before all is said and done.

Tonight I spent the evening with Bruce, Queen Hester, and EJ watching Battle of the Choirs. As always, I can predict who wins, who doesn't. There was too much hype about Patti LaBelle's Choir winning, so I knew from Jumpstreet Nick Lachey's band would be the winner. As predicted, thus came true. Didja see the look on Patti's face? She wasn't happy. I don't blame her. Ms. LaBelle's was better than Nick, carried more stage prescence, and sung better. Once again reality television and race never proves me wrong. And will somebody please tell when the African American community will cut our break, dammit?!?!

But tonight's post isn't about that. No. I wanted to put something more personal down for my friends who I spent the evening with, something I thought about driving home. I'm indebted to them for their love and kindness over the years, we are a family. When I have no one else to turn to, I know I got EJ, Queen Hester, and Lady Miss T by my side. And yes, we're all spending Christmas Day together. Hester and I both put our foot down to EJ that it wouldn't be Christmas without him there for dinner, we're family. We've been through good, bad, tough times, the sad, sorrowful times, experienced laughter and joy. Nope, EJ! You better not back out or I'm gonna kick yo ass, LOL.

But thanks guys, just to let you know you're very much appreciated and the inspiration that keeps me living....

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