Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Did You Have A Merry Christmas?

Santa didn't bring me anyone tall, dark, or handsome..Awww.

As always with Christmas, the day comes so fast and departs even faster. Technically, I should be in bed right now, but I wanted to cram an actual post on the blog before Christmas 2007 is officially over.

I'm tired. Overtired, really. I've been up since 6 o'clock in the morning Christmas Eve because I had to work, then come home and prep for the Holiday. I spent most of the night cooking, cleaning, and finishing wrapping gifts. My body is worn out, but did you ever get to the point where you're so tired, you can't rest? That's where I am. Christmas was special this year. Many of my friends, my family, came together and we broke bread with one another and laughed, exchanged presents, and watched Shrek The Third (a horrible movie). This will go down as one of my favorite Christmases.

Napoleon and E.J. finally met. Leoban was a no show. I figured Leonard Benjamin wouldn't come, he's been grumpy lately. I can understand why, his 17 year old son is going through changes now. Family comes first. Still I would love to see the interacting between Leoban and EJ. I wasn't worried about EJ or Naps. In fact, Napoleon was on his best behavior! I was loving him today.

Miss T and Mikhail came, although Mikhail is pissed at me today. I was ready for a throw down in Manila tonight. Being as exhausted as I am, I would have been in rare form and a little less acquiescent, polite or congenial. It would have been nasty. Queen Hester's kids were running amok, but they're cute and I love them, so they didn't much bother me. Queenie was very good to me this year and I'm grateful to her for helping with that last minute Christmas shopping Christmas Eve's Eve. It was a bitch standing in line at Wally World for 2 hours Sunday, but what I got there for Miss T was her favorite gift. She cried, she was so happy. Thanks Hester, you're the best evah!

I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas. Overall, I had a beautiful day I intended to expound on the Holiday in a later post, for now though, I'm gonna try to get some sleep... Best Wishes! Merry Christmas.

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