Monday, December 31, 2007

NFL Hunks

The next pictorial contestants folks are men of the Nation Football League!

By now I guess I've made it absolutely clear I like guys, huh? Well duh, LOL.

I have to admit I fall into that awful gay man stereotype that only likes sports because men are involved. Yeah well...

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy football and the activity, but, yeah um, I do get distracted by all that maleness and testosterone on the playing field. C'mon on my gay brethren, admit it. Don't you see the sheer sexiness out there week after week September through January? Muscles, shoulder pads, helmets, and tight got it!

These guys are rugged and hyped! OK, I realize there are some scary lookin' bear types out there on that line of scrimmage too, I guess I'm just pandering to the Receivers, Running Backs, Quaterbacks...shit, all da 'backs you can think of!!! Hmmm. A certain Sir Mix-A-Lot song comes to mind now. I wonder why? Hahaha. I'm so stupid! So gay! I'm trying to be humorous.

So what? I'm wasting time, trying to increase my blog posts for the year before midnight. Silly isn't it, but I'm having fun with it. You know you love Darktomahawk's taste in men. Who can resist handsome ass L.J. Smith, Will Demps, James Thrash, or Mr-Ultimate-Ebony-Fine, Reggie Bush?!?!

Yeah, I thought so! Huh!

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