Sunday, December 30, 2007

You Are Missed Please Come Home Safely!

I hate to think about the war with the Holidays and all, but the violence all across the world is sickening. With the assassination occurring last week in Pakistan, the suicide bombings in Iraq...sigh. The world has gone insane!

Do you remember 9 years ago when we were all worried about Y2K? It seems laughable now, but I know many folks who took it seriously, myself included. Now with the final leg of first decade of the 2000s in the final two years, it seems like this decade has changed the world and anticipates to be more violent than ever before.

I support American soldiers abroad. Let me be clear about that! What I don't support is the senseless deaths of any military personnel serving in Iraq or the deaths of innocent Iraqis. While I think we were misled into entering the Iraq War, I believe World Peace is possible, it unfortunately comes at a cost. Like so many have told me, "freedom isn't free." I just wish our men and women could come home soon. I have a friend serving Afghanistan. I've another serving in the Middle East somewhere. I worry about them all the time...

My thoughts and prayers are with the troops and with their families back here in the US. I keep thinking some young person, 18-19 years old, that son or daughter, who is away from home the for first time for the Holidays, spending them in the cold desert, thousands of miles from home. Yes, I get sentimental and empathetic. Isn't that what the Holidays are about??? Peace, good will, and glad tiding to all mankind? I feel anguish that somebody's child couldn't be home for the Holidays this year. That somebody's child will never be home for the Holidays again.

My friend Laurie passed on a website, that if you would please take the time, check it out, and consider doing something nice for a stranger. I know Christmas was last week, but in the true spirit of Christmas and the Holidays, Christmas is 3-6-5 days of the year. Check out Consider those soldiers, perhaps fighting in a conflict you might disagree with, are still someone's son or daughter, wife or husband, father or mother, and they are missed by their families at holiday time....

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