Monday, December 17, 2007

I'm OK, Thanks For Asking

Life has been so devastating lately, therefore I must apologize for not keeping up with the blog. I'm not sure where to begin or how much to reveal. I've been experiencing some epiphanies and revelations of my own. Some ironic given that its Christmastime. While one should never ignore Him, there are occasions when you can't ignore God blatantly giving a message. I've often mistaken God when He speaks to me (not literally, mind you). But last week I don't think He could've made His presence more clearer.

Events seem to be turning my life upside down. Perhaps I'm just due for another mid-life drama, which seems to happen about every two years or so. I dunno. I've written out several blog posts, intending to post each one, but none them seem to matter at the moment. I will at least post my blurb on Myjah, although it and he seem irrelevant now. He hasn't been as friendly lately and been directing awful amount of attention towards my (girl) cousin Ronnie, so I think my bubble has burst with any illusion he was interested in me. I'll fill you in more after I get thing next piece on here...

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