Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Residual Effects

This is going to be a short post because I'm extremely tired and I can tell my body is not right. I'm getting sick, probably due to my 40 hour marathon preparing for Christmas. I took my temperature earlier and its around 100, so I have a low grad fever. I feel every bit of it too.

My holiday was wonderful but the after effects are taxing. My house is a wreck and I need to gather up enough strength this weekend to clean. I'm too tired though. I'm calling in a favor after I get off the blog and asking Leoban to spend the night and nurse my needs. He'll do it. Do you ever feel as an adult you need someone to tuck you in when you don't feel well? Tonight is one of those occasions for me. I need him to take care of me. I get clingy and needy and am a big baby when I'm under the weather. I just need someone warm and comforting, someone gentle. I'd ask Napoleon, but asking him for favors comes at a price. No, I need someone unselfishly giving tonight.

Thanks in advance Leoban, you definitely da man!

While I'm in the thanking mood, I want to give a personal thanks to Aaron over at the Masculine Curves blog. Not only did he put a link in a recent post to the Axe, gave me praise on my blogging effort, but his posts this month have been dead on with life issues I've been experiencing and struggling with. When I'm up to it, I'll bring everyone up to speed about Myjah. I took Aaron's advice and gripped the bull by the horns (or is it balls?) and confronted him about matters. I got my answers. The situation is a bust, but we're still friends. I hope the situation is put to rest now, like I'm about to do....

Check out Aaron's blog if you get the chance. His photography is beautiful and I love his selection in men. They're so real, not the over inflated hyped, stereotypical male porno studs I've seen on other blogs or across the 'Net. Clink here to view Masculine Curves.

Kudos Aaron, please continue your excellent work! You're fantastic!

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