Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Young, The Restless, & The Sexy Blacks

I've been planning to do a Y & R post for some time now, but never seem to have the time or get distracted by other things. I'm finally getting around to it now...

OMG! The Young & The Restless has to be one of the better soaps on television in decades! Perhaps even giving old time fag-soap opera favorite Dynasty a run for the money (now y'all know Dynasty was the shit back in the day! Tell me what self-respect 'mo doesn't remember Krystal and Alexis' bitch-slap fest in the lily pond!?!?! C'mon now)! I've watched many a daytime and nighttime soap drama...Dynasty, Dallas, Knotts Landing, General Hospital, Days Of Our Lives, All My Children, The Bold and The Beautiful, on and on. I have to say NOTHING compares to Y & R.

Granted I haven't always been a loyal watching fan, but I've tuned in and out for decades. Both my parents watched it. I remember when Catherine Chancellor was the conniving manipulative rich diva bitch. I remember Nikki was a teenage ho! Yes, I even remember Danny Romalotti, Michael Damian himself, and his attempt transitional singing career off the show.

Besides the exciting and captivating story plots, Y & R has some definite grown and sexy folk on the show. It's one of the few shows I can think of that has a rather large ensemble of reoccurring black characters.

Interestingly enough, I was discussing with friends at work about the all-black soap that briefly ran in the late 80s, early 90s, "Generations" on NBC, and no one could remember it. I couldn't tell you a story line from it because the writing was terrible. It only lasted for a few short seasons. But Y & R has maintained strong black characters and story lines for a long time. And again, who could forget all the eye candy....Victoria Rowell (Drucilla Winters), Kristoff St John (Neil Winters), Shemar Moore (Malcolm Winters), and deliciously handsome, Keith Hamilton Cobb (Damon Porter). As I said, OMG! Chocolate love fest! I love it!

Many soap fans may remember Keith Hamilton Cobb from All My Children when he played Noah Keefer. Back then he still had his dreads, but cut them off when he began playing Damon Porter. Keith has has roles on Noah's Arc and the science fiction show Andromeda. I haven't seen much of Keith in a while. I'm wondering if he will ever make a guest spot back in Genoa City someday?

Keith was hot, hot, hot on Noah's Arc and played a convincing gay man. My friend Leoban swears Keith is family in real life. I reminded Leoban that Keith is an actor and its his job to dead-on gay if his roles call for him to portray gay. Keith doesn't set off anything on my gaydar. Still, one can fantasize. He does have a beautiful smile. Almost radiant. Damn!

Shemar Moore is currently starring on the CBS show Criminal Minds. I've never seen the show but hear from fans on blogs and message boards he's burning up the ratings, LOL. Shemar, oh I 'm well acquainted with him from waaaaay back from my youth when he was an underwear model for International Male. International Male, or "IM," has always been known as being a notorious gay catalog targeted to gays both in and out of the closet. I don't know any straight guys who'd wear any of the clothes. Long before nude pictures surfaced on the Internet of Shemar, I had a clear ideal of his anatomy. IM's skimpy underwear often leave very little to the imagination. Just ask Shemar's fellow former model-turned-actor David Chokachi. Although his goods have never been out for public display, every gay men who looked at IM or Undergear knows what David's carrying in his briefs. Same thing with Shemar. Mm mm mmm!

Sadly, Kristoff St. John is the only remaining character mentioned in this post currently on Y & R. He's been mourning the death of Victoria Rowell's Drucilla, his wife, for a while now, but last time I checked in, there may be a possible new love interest on the horizon for Neil. But don't despair though, Drucilla willll be back and she's gonna kick some ass along the way, especially Phyllis' for pushing her off that damn cliff in the first place! Oh how I love the rivalry between Dru and Phyllis. No one ever really dies in soaps, remember that Phyllis. Your ass may be safe for now, but keep an eye over your shoulder watching, for that ass-beating is comin'!

Besides, Victoria is too gorgeous to keep off the Young & The Restless forever. No matter how hot these guys are, I honestly would be hard pressed to say who is the sexiest. Of the men, its a toss up between Shemar and Keith as the sexiest (sorry Kristoff, you're still handsome though). Hands down, Victoria is the most beautiful woman in any soap opera drama ever. Period. Nuff said.

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