Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Someone (Mr.) Fantastic For You

This goes out to a special friend who's been there for me through the thick and the thin times. I'm also fulfilling a blog post request.

So I present to you the every so dreamy Ioan Gruffudd, better known as either "Horatio Hornblower" or "Reed Richards" from The Fantastic Four movies, depending on your age and memory.

Personally, I thought he was at his most handsome during his days starring as Horatio, but he makes a good "Mister Fantastic" too. A little more seasoned, a little more wiser, he gives Chris Evans, "Johnny Storm (The Human Torch)" a run for the money...

Anyway, special thanks to my compadre. You know who you are! Thanks for listening to my tales of woe lately and all the wonderful food, sound advice, and love!

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